Humans as Gemstones | which one are you?

Sapphire (royalty blue) 

A Sapphire loves socializing, they’re the life of the party, and they are motivated by fun.
They like to be around a lot of people.
They love variety interacting with others.
They never see the negative side of a situation.
They love recognition.
In fact, they will work harder for recognition than they ever will for money.
From Sapphires, we can learn to not be so serious and that life can be fun if we let it.
However, Sapphires can improve by understanding not everyone is as positive as them.
Sapphires often hurt other people’s feeling by seeming to not care, when really they’re just looking at the positive side of things.
For a Sapphire to enjoy the ultimate writer’s life, they should focus on working with companies that offer recognition and praise.
Fundraising or speech writing might be a good niche for a Sapphire.
If your potential client is a Sapphire, make a point to praise their previous successes and always have something positive to say.

Pearl (sea mussel)

All the Gems want to help people. But helping is the prime motivator for a Pearl. They are not motivated by money.
They usually have strong convictions and are called to action by a cause.
They are thoughtful and patient.
They love to serve others and do not like to argue.
A Pearl loves to talk about their family.
They are okay with sharing personal information while they are getting to know someone.
If a Pearl senses that someone is a fake, they will lose trust in them.
Pearls, like Sapphires, love people and being around them, but not in large noisy groups.
Pearls prefer ‘long-term relationships’.
They’ll be your best friends for life.
They are goodlisteners and prefer talking to someone one on one.
They are trustworthy, loyal, and true to their word.
From Pearls, we can learn the importance of helping others and keeping our word.
However, Pearls often get walked on and taken advantage of because they are so helpful.
They can improve their own lives by being a bit more selective in how often they help others.
It’s okay to say no if it’s not in their best interest to be helpful in a certain situation.
If you’re a Pearl, try to avoid doing too much “free” work. It might make you feel good, but it will delay your progress on your real goals.
To appeal to a prospective client that is a Pearl, use real stories (remember, they can detect if you’re fake) about your previous clients and how you’ve helped them.

Ruby (Ruben Crystal)

Rubies like to win.
They are motivated by challenges, but if they can’t win, they won’t play.
They like to have the best of everything.
They like to be unique and stand out.
Rubies constantly have to be striving for a goal, a next step, or another challenge.
Rubies are often business owners and entrepreneurs because they like to lead.
Rubies are often missing sleep and skipping breakfast because they are incredibly productive and get more done in one day than anybody else.
Rubies are proud of their accomplishments and want to tell you about them.
They are also blessed with extra confidence and they’re not afraid to take a risk.
They are direct and to the point, even if it hurts someone’s feelings.
If you’re a Ruby, you’re probably applying for every job that comes along, but by narrowing your focus and putting more effort into a few proposals, you’ll get better results.
Also, Rubies typically need to work on their communication skills with the other Gems and learn to be more sensitive to others’ feelings.
If you have a potential client who is a Ruby, you can impress them by being an idea generator, making yourself available so they can be more productive, and by not getting offended if they hurt your feelings.

Emerald (green Beryl)

Emeralds are motivated by facts and figures. 
Everything is black and white.
They are often weak in communication and they are judged as insensitive and cold-hearted – but they’re not.
They are articulate.
They are very clear with their speech so they won’t be misunderstood, and they always ask, “Why?”
Emeralds are problem solvers who come up with multiple solutions to each problem.
They spend a lot of time on research to evaluate each possible solution to make sure they pick the right one.
They also tend to be perfectionists and want to figure it all out before starting.
Emeralds can teach us to be more true to our word and to become more organized.
They know it’s important to follow through, follow up, and do the tasks to the best of their abilities. That is something we should all strive to do.
If you’re an Emerald, you might be stuck in the learning phase.
You can move past it by.choosing one niche and getting started in just that area.
Also, to avoid missed opportunities, you should focus on making decisions faster.
If you have a potential client who is an Emerald, be sure to give them a lot of proof of your abilities. Include specific facts and figures about the results you’ve been able to get for other clients.
Don’t leave them with lingering questions.
Emeralds will do their own research, but if you give them what they need, you’ll impress them and win a sale.
I’m a pearl, which one best describes you?
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15 Must try date ideas the old school way in 2020| Lifestyle

I think one of my 2020 goals to achieve is to go on a real date. I have never been on a real date before and i think the first time that kind off counted as a date was when i was 19.

My date and i went out to see a movie ‘THIS IS THE END” that was the first time i saw James Franco, Seth Rogen, John hills in a movie and also Rihanna made a cameo. It was supposed to be a movie about end time and why i said supposed is because it turned out to be a comedy, thriller and action packed in one. I know it wasn’t the ideal romance movie for a first date but i really enjoyed. Also, it was the first time my date and i were meeting after talking for weeks and we ended up dating. Oh i forced him to split the bill with me amd it made me feel better that i contributed to the date.

I have been going out with friends and family but when i said “date’, i meant no juice but a red wine, cute dress, little cute makeup or doing things we both love.

I know i have a old soul in the young body and i probably and mostly will choose old things, old styles, vintage everything over the new way of doing things. Nothing is wrong with doing things the way they do now and i still love it but i just love the old version of things.

So, i will be sharing with you guys 15 must try date ideas the old school way in 2020

A visit to the Museum
Learn a new skill together
Go on a paddle boat ride
A movie at the drive-In (can’t wait to do this)
A karaoke night
Dinner and a movie
Cook together
Recreate your first or favorite date
Star gazing in the backyard or make a truck bed
Take a class together like painting, dancing and more
Play fun games like; Truth or Dare, board games, or video game
A full hearted talk about everything with your favourite junks
A silent moment enjoying each other’s company
Visit a local fair or street fair together
Read a book together
Add yours
Here are my non typical date idea the old school way. Tell me in the comment section which you have tried, willing to try, your favorite and also your own date ideas?

Thank you for reading


It’s not too late to say happy new year | Do i really have a new year resolution?

Happy new year my after dark lovelies.

I took a much needed break to just figure out things and I am glad that I’m back here to write.

New year resolution

Well, during the holiday periods, i think i got tired of seeing the new year, new me posts. It is very important to plan ahead of things, it is also important to have written goals, plans and strategies but not everyone loves when things are planned and i guess I’m one of them.

Maybe it’s just the fear of been disappointed if things didn’t go has I’ve planned or written them down. I have one major goal this year and it is the ability to trust and believe in myself and also the abilty to write more and Express myself through writing.

What is your new year resolution?

Thank you for reading

Catch my next post here later today 😊😊

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15 things Boys do that makes them cute

Happy Friday!

Welcome back to my blog where we discuss everything love and it’s other features 😁😊🥰

We love the boys right? Yes we do because they are our babies. Here are random thing they do that makes them cute and I know they don’t like it when we called them cute 🤣

15 things boys do that makes them cute

  • When they smile in photos
  • When they have messy hair not unkempt hair 😋🤣
  • When they pick you up over their shoulders. Well, I’m a big girl so I’m looking forward to this 🤣
  • When they take unexpected pictures of you
  • When they wear clean hoodie

  • When they hug you from the back
  • When they wear glasses
  • When they tuck your hairs behind your ears
  • When they let you wear their hoodies

  • When they introduce you as their girl/woman genuine though
  • When they give cute little kisses like forehead kisses, peck or nose kisses
  • When they open the doors for you
  • When they bite their lips 😍

When they give u a nickname

When they give you piggy back rides. And again I’m looking forward to this cause I don’t want to break anyone’s back 🤣

Lastly kindly add yours in the comment section 💃💃

It’s fun Friday and don’t take anything too personal… enjoy

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6 old classic movies I re-watched this weekend | Romance

I am a sucker for old movies especially romance and trust me they don’t make this movies like they used to.

I’m a huge fan of Julia Roberts movies. I can do a marathon on her movies without getting bored. Most weekends I don’t usually do much because my weekends are always filled up with work and errands.

I re watched 6 out of my favorite romance movies this weekend. Here is the list.







If you’ve watched any, which is your favourite?

Yes I still have about 20 of these classic old movies. I love romance and I love happy endings even though some of these movies made me cry.

Comment your favorite even if it’s not listed…

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3 Amazing Apps For free books, Novels and stories | Readers and Writers edition

Hello my after dark lovelies,

It’s a lovely weekend and I hope y’all are enjoying the sleep in already. For my readers working on weekends, don’t worry, your off days are about to be steamy.

To make your weekend fun, I’ll be dropping three amazing Apps that enables you to read any book or novel of your choice. The fun part is you can read offline as well and it’s an easy to go way of reading because they are soft copies and directly from your tab, phones or computer.

If you are a writer, some of these apps allows you to submit your own stories where people can read and drop their reviews.



ANYBOOKS eBOOKS Genres – English & Indian Languages
Fiction, History, Career, Suspense & Thriller, Religion & Spirituality, Humor, Romance, Biographies, Current Affairs, Politics, Business & Economics, Political Science, Self Help, Philosophy, Automotive, Lifestyle, Literature, Family & Relationships, Astrology & more

• Browse, download & read the largest collection of books – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya and Urdu
• Choose from millions of free ebooks
• Brightness adjustment.
• font adjustment.

Personally I’m really enjoying myself with this app. It allows me read offline and I can choose from any genre of my choice. I love it so much.

To download

Play store

I think for now any book is only available to Android users


On Wattpad, you’ll find all the stories to keep you hooked! Discover free stories and books created by writers around the world. Whatever you’re into—whether it’s romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, action adventure, fantasy, young adult fiction or fanfiction—you’ll find it all for free on Wattpad.

Save your favorite stories and take them with you wherever you go—even offline.

Connect directly with writers and other readers and discuss the latest plot twists by leaving comments alongside the latest stories.

Got your own story to tell? Publish it on Wattpad and share it with our supportive community. Create a new draft, add chapters to an existing story or add a cover, all from the app. You can even get creative with one of our monthly writing challenges.

Wattpad offers so much more and I love this app so much.

To download




Best Original Online Novels

Dreame – Reading Completes Me.

Dreame is a dreamy community for female readers and writers providing captivating, serialized online fiction. It is a reading platform where readers can immerses themselves into the latest fascinating stories anywhere anytime; a dream land where upcoming authors can fulfill their dream as a successful writer.

i. Various genres such as teen fictions, romance, chicklit, werewolf, vampire & suspense
ii. New stories keeping daily-updating
iii. Designed interface fitting female reading habits and aesthetic taste
iv. Support for authors by providing promotions, tutorials, workshops, and publishing guides.

One con about this app is that you can’t finish the steamy story in a day because you are awarded free coin for a limited period and you have to wait for free reeased chapters every 24hrs except you decided to buy coins which aren’t that expensive.

Play store

It’s also available for just android users

There you have it my Apples…